National Marine Test & Demonstration Facility

SmartBay is Ireland’s national marine test and demonstration facility for the development of innovative products and services for the global maritime sector. It is located 4.5km east of Spiddal in County Galway approximately 1.5km offshore and in water depths of c. 25m.

The test site allows smaller scale devices, or those at an earlier stage in their development, to gain sea experience in less challenging conditions than those experienced at full-scale Atlantic Ocean test sites.

Facilities and Supports include:

  • Fully licenced test site for ocean energy devices
  • Site located 1.5km offshore with water depths ranging from 20m – 25m
  • Fully characterised wave climate
  • Comprehensive time-series of weather, wave and current data for the site
  • ICT team for data acquisition and transmission support
  • Proximity to ports and associated facilities
  • Operational team providing end-to-end marine support


Download the SmartBay Ireland Facilities Brochure


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