Buoy Network

Mobilis DB8000 buoys are currently in use for testing and validating a range of novel sensors and to efficiently gather metocean time series data. The buoys can host a variety of communications protocols to shore including; GPRS, Satellite, VHF, Wimax, GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi. These services allow simple high-speed backhaul connectivity for devices located in, or near the test site.

The buoys 3G HPSA+ communications include download speeds up to 21Mbps, and uploads speeds up to 5.76Mbps, taking advantage of nearby next generation mobile sites.

Buoys can have single, bridle, or multipoint moorings through the hull compartment facilitating diverse and easily adaptable deployment solutions depending on user specific requirements. The data buoys allow for the trial and validation of a variety of sensors. Mobilis DB8000 buoys have the ability to power multiple sensors and the capability to generate autonomous power including Solar PV and Wind Power harvesting.

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