Columbus 2nd International Blue Society Knowledge Trasnfer Conference 2017
Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Columbus 2nd International Blue Society Knowledge Trasnfer Conference  2017

Achieving impact from marine research 7 November 2017 Brussels, Belguim
An international forum to bring together actors interested in sharing best practice and learning about initiatives and sectoral progress in Knowledge Transfer. This conference will offer an opportunity to collaboratively explore the barriers and challenges, and possible solutions, to achieving the impact potential of marine and maritime research, at all stages of the funding cycle.

Register via the COLUMBUS website from 11 September 2017

This conference is intended for all those who are invested in achieving greater impact from marine and maritime research: such as funding agencies and evaluators, impact professionals, research organisations, potential USERs of
research findings (e.g. industry and policy), and researchers themselves.

Full agenda availalbe here

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