SmartBay National Infrastructure Access Programme Large Scale Projects 2013/2014

Project Name   Researcher   Research Area Research Institution

Visualisation and validation of 2-D hydrodynamic model outputs for Galway Bay.

Dr. Michael Hartnett
High Frequency Radar



Real-time Remote Monitoring of Surface Currents and Waves off the Irish West Coast

Dr. Stephen Nash
Tidal Energy

Deployment and Analysis of Smart Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) in a Marine  Environment  (MIMU)

Dr. Brendan O'Flynn

Sensor Marinisation

Tyndall Institute

Developing a Primary Node in the National MSFD Underwater Noise Monitoring Network

Dr. Gerry Sutton

Acoustics CMRC
Kinvara Bay Data Fusion Project Phase II Dr. John Cleary
Sensor Testing
Dublin City University

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