Ocean Energy Developer Support

SmartBay is Ireland’s national marine test and demonstration facility which is ideally located within Galway Bay. The test site is suitable for developers wishing to undertake low-cost sea trials and validation of devices and components at various technology readiness levels.

The test site is fully licenced allowing developers to focus purely on device development. The area is clearly delimited by 4 cardinal marks at each corner of the site to indicate navigation restrictions on vessel traffic in the vicinity.

A sub-sea cabled observatory is deployed at the site, and is powered by a hybrid optical/electrical cable. The observatory can provide power to, and receive data from, up to three Ocean Energy devices (1.2kW per device). Several optical and electrical connectivity options are available with a number of permanent sensors and a high definition camera installed for monitoring.

  • Assistance with funding application preparation (up to 45% grant aid available through Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland – SEAI)

Galway Bay Ocean Energy Test Site Application Guide

Galway Bay Ocean Energy Test Site Application Form

  • Pre deployment planning and preparation
  • Mooring specification and configuration
  • Acquisition and transmission of sensor data from ocean energy devices
  • Device Mobilisation
  • Deployments
  • Ongoing Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Device demobilisation and decommissioning


Ocean Energy Developer Support 

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